Swan lake

Libretto: V.Berghicev, V.Gheltser

Classic Choreography: M.Petipa and L.Ivanov
Choreography: Constantin Sergheev (Russia)
Set Designer: M.Şeşmenicov
Costume Designer: M.Şeşmenicov
Music Director   Albert Mocealov  Artist Emerit  

World Premiere: 20 February 1877, at Great Theatre, Moscow.
Premiere in Chisinau: 20 april 1958, at Moldovan State Theatre of Opera and Ballet.
The premiere of the last version: 30 may 1982, at Moldovan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.


The protagonists


Odette, Odile - 

Prince Siegfried - 

Buffoon - 

Rothbart - 

The queen - 

Teacher - 

Pas de trois - 


„Swan Lake is a poem in which pictures and music are combined in perfect harmony,
realizing the ideal expression of human feelings through dance”.

Daniela Caraman-Fotea


Somewhere, in a world of fairy tale, Princess Odette with her friends picks on some flowers in a field. Evil genius, Rothbart sees them and turns them into white swans.


In the garden surrounding the castle of Prince Siegfried and his mother, villagers and courtiers are gathered to celebrate Siegfried's coming-of-age. He is welcomed by his tutor Wolfgang. A group of village girls come forward and, accompanied by their swains, commence a brilliant waltz. The Princess-Mother enters and reproaches her son for passing his time in riotous living: during tomorrow's ball he must choose a bride from the eligible princesses who have been invited. After the Princess-Mother has departed, the festivities continue. Wolfgang's attempts at dancing arouse laughter: he tries to kiss one of the girls, but she eludes his grasp and he kisses her village swain instead. A general dance with goblets concludes the celebration. A flock of swans is seen to pass across the evening sky; at his friend's suggestion, the Prince led the hunt for birds.


A forest glade by a lake, with a ruined building at one side.

The swans, led by one wearing a crown, glide across the water. The huntsmen enter and move further into the forest while the Prince remains by the lake side. A beautiful maiden, Odette, appears and begs Siegfried to stay the hunt: she and the other swans live under the spell of the evil sorcerer Rothbart; only between midnight and dawn are they able to regain their human form. A vow of eternal love, expressed by one who is willing to die for her, can relinquish the curse. Siegfried, enraptured by Odette's beauty, declares his love and begs her to attend the ball upon the following evening. While she explains that she can only attend after midnight, Rothbart appears in the guise of an owl and conceals himself in the ruins. The Swan Queen's companions enter; their dances are followed by a pas de deux for Odette and Siegfried. Day breaks, and the girls reassume the form of swans. Odette sadly bids farewell to her Prince. As the first light of dawn appears in the east, the swans pass silently across the lake.


The ballroom of the castle.

The next day at the formal celebration in the Royal Hall, Prince Siegfried is presented with many prospective princesses. Although the princesses are worthy of his attention, he cannot stop thinking about Odette. His mother commands him to choose a bride, but he cannot. For the mean time, he satisfies his mother's request by at least dancing with them. While the prince is dancing, trumpets announce the arrival of Von Rothbart. He brings his daughter, Odile, on whom he has cast a spell to appear as Odette. The prince is captivated by her beauty as he dances with the imposter. Unbeknownst to Prince Siegfried, the true Odette is watching him from a window. The prince soon confesses his love to Odile, thinking that she is Odette. To Odette’s horror, she flees into the night.

Prince Siegfried sees the real Odette fleeing from the window and realizes his mistake. Upon his realization, Von Rothbart reveals to the prince the true appearance of his daughter Odile. Prince Siegfried quickly leaves the party and chases after Odette.


At the lakeside, Odette has fled back to the lake and joined the rest of the girls in sadness. Prince Siegfried finds them gathered at the shore consoling each other. He explains to Odette the trickery of Von Rothbart and she grants him her forgiveness. It isn’t long before when Von Rothbart and Odile appear in their evil, un-human, somewhat bird like forms. Von Rothbart tells the prince that he must stick to his word and marry his daughter. A fight quickly follows. Prince Siegfried tells Von Rothbart that he would rather die with Odette than to marry Odile. He then takes Odette’s hand and together they jump into the lake. The spell is broken and the remaining swans turn back into humans. They quickly drive Von Rothbart and Odile into the water where they, too, drown. The girls watch the spirits of Prince Siegfried and Odette ascend into the heavens above Swan Lake.

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